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NCCFFF Conservation Grant Program


The NCCFFF Conservation Grant Program is open to NCCFFF affiliated clubs in Northern California and Northern Nevada. All conservation projects which support the IFFF Moto of Conserving, Restoring, Educating through Fly Fishing...aka "We are haunted by waters, so we choose to make a difference for the fish that live in them."

2013/14 Grant Program


Evaluation Criteria

NCCFFF Conservation Grants typically range from $500 to $5000, however larger or smaller awards may also be considered. NCCFFF Conservation Grants are awarded based on the following evaluation criteria:

1) Project provides tangible benefit to fish and fisheries habitat in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

2) Project accomplishes specific goals and objectives.

3) Potential to involve and mobilize members of the sponsoring NCCFFF affiliated club.

4) Potential to educate NCCFFF members and the general public about the importance of the resource being protected.

5) Project focuses on an issue which is of strategic importance to the NCCFFF.

6) Timeliness of the project and reasons why the project should be conducted now.

7) Availability of matching funds through sponsoring club or other funding source.

Applying For a NCCFFF Conservation Grant

Conservation Grant applications are reviewed twice a year. Applicants are encouraged to apply by the following deadlines:  To Be Announced

Under special circumstances where the timely implementation of a grant proposal requires more immediate funding, specific proposals may be considered under a different timeline if the applicant makes a strong case for why this is necessary.

Applicants are encouraged to apply using the IFFF Application Form provided.

return completed forms to: 


NCCFFF Conservation Funding Request Form

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