The Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers consists of members from Northern CA as well as Northern NV.  We are one of 16 Councils within the FFF and along with them, support Conservation, Education and Restoration. There are 30 clubs within our Council, approximately 1200 individual members and we are growing strong.  

 We continue to offer our members the opportunity to get involved in the issues concerning conservation, the ability to learn from the experienced flyfisher, as well as the novice who has the desire to experience our sport and share their knowledge with others.  By joining the FFF, you are able to take advantage of the many benefits listed below.  You can join as an individual, or through your local club.  The clubs receive support from the FFF, for the purpose of conservation and restoring local waterways and for education through classes in casting, fly tying, and knots.  We also host 2 fund raisers throughout the year and also coordinate other events with affiliate organizations, who support our beliefs.  These include Trout Unlimited, Friends of the River, CA Sportfishing Protection Alliance, Cal Trout, CA Dept of Fish & Game and many more. 

 There are many benefits to becoming a member of NCCFFF: 

Magazine "Flyfisher" - Via e-mail or Hardcopy
Member Card
FFF Patch (when you join)
FFF Decals (when you join)
Discounted entry fees to FFF events
Receive FFF Council newsletter for more localized news

 Benefits of clubs who join the FFF:

Network with some of the best fly casters, fly tyers, guides and speakers for your club
Tax exempt status for grant funding for special projects
Apply for grants from NCC and FFF
Quarterly issues of Fly Fisher Magazine
Monthly issues of FFF ClubWire Newsletter
Use FFF logos on club newsletter, webpage, programs, conservation efforts
Reduced member rates for workshops & FFF sponsored events
Use of the FFF Instructional Manual for use in educational programs

Affiliate club membership:

Must have been in existence for more than 1 year
Annual dues are $100.00 + $3.00 for each non FFF member; Max dues $500.00
Become a member of NCC, but remain independent

Charter club membership: 

All members must be FFF members
No other dues are paid to the club
Operate under supervision of FFF and its' Council
501(c)3  non profit organization status
Submit a financial statement to FFF

I invite you to visit the links on this website, to review our Conservation efforts, and see the valuable work we are doing.  Also, check out the Education link, and find out how we are getting our youth involved in the sport of Fly Fishing.  We know that you will agree this is a worthwhile cause and hope that you will join us in our continued efforts to protect "All Fish All Waters".  We are confident that you will become a member with the intent of what you can do for our environment.  Volunteer to assist us in our many efforts and make a difference for yourself, and those that follow.

Added information and dues can be found at:


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