Club Ideas Club Ideas

Membership Youth Outings Meeting Attendance Outreach
Solicit people for help–– use members of similar age to contact potential members of  that  age group Youth photos (with subject’s permission), in club newsletter Offering “fishmeister” incentives for training purposes Use club list serve  to remind members of upcoming meetings  Create material for community outreach, colleges, fly shops
Ask members  active in other organizations, (TU, Cal Trout NCCFFF) recruit and spread the word about what the club is doing Use Boy Scout merit badge councilor activities  to involve youth  A guided trip as an incentive for “most outing attended"  Use free Virtual Response on-line to remind members of the meeting Advertise in local newspapers
Community outreach--news releases, speakers Kid’s fishing essay contests New member fish outs, on-stream seminar Send newsletter four days before  meeting  as a  reminder  
Increase family activities-Invite families to join in on projects, such as river cleanup, conservation activities Use NCC loaner programs (tying equipment,  fishing gear)   NCC fly tyers are willing to travel to clubs for demonstrations  
Volunteers Money Publicity Organization  
Have volunteer activity checklist  blocks on membership application forms website takes on campaigns, helps raise money Project healing waters, River; coastal/river clean up projects Establish a "Best Practices" book for the club  
Rewards programs for volunteers, such as a special outing Bucket raffle; live raffle; silent auction; donated trips by members of different clubs Meeting announcements, club news through Local papers, Radio, TV    
Recognize through awards of hat pins, etc. Have swag for Sale - Hats; name badges, shirts, patches Invite public to a fly fishing movie.    
  Donated trips by members of different clubs as prizes Use club presidents list serve to exchange newsletters, announce events (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)                     

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