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Northern California Council Federation Fly Fishers - Education Report (1/15/2016)
1.Trout in the Classroom & Salmon & Trout Education Programs
a.47 Northern California Council area clubs have installed & supported
i.750+ Classroom aquariums
ii.1,875 Students (at 25/classroom average)
b.These students are eager to learn about how to protect our streams.
c.These students go home and influence their parents – who vote
2.The council received a national award from the Aquatic Resource Educators Association for:
a.Developing Power Point Presentations for teachers and volunteers which provide graphic illustrations of:
i.How the aquarium components replicate nature
ii.The life cycle of a Rainbow Trout
iii.What a rainbow trout eats
iv.Components of habitats (Riparian and Aquatic)
v.Watersheds and their impact on streams 
b.Creating three posters for classroom use
i.Anatomy of a Rainbow Trout
ii.Riparian Habitat
iii.Trout foods
3. The council has become the fiscal agent for the CFW Trout in the Classroom
4. The council is the birthplace of Veterans First Fly Fishing with (11) now operating Fly Fishing sites and (3) more coming on line in the near future. All Teaching Fly Tying, Fly Casting and Fly Fishing to our veterans as an alternative recreational activity at the following locations:
  1. Livermore VA: Community Living Center 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
  2. Livermore VA in .Bld. 62 Outpatient 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
  3. Menlo Park VA – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 1st  Step for resident veterans
  4. Palo Alto VA Spinal Cord Injury 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
  5. San Jose VA – Respite Room, the 3rd Thursday
  6. Oakland VA – MAC Club, the 2nd Friday
  7. Sacramento area – Granite Bay Club Meeting 2nd Thursday
  8. New in 2015 Los Angles monthly
  9. New in 2016 Reno monthly
  10. New in 2016 New York dates being established
  11. New in 2015 Illinois dates being established
  12. -> Sacramento Mather coming in 2016 dates being established
  13. ->  Stockton coming in 2016 dates being established
  14. -> Modesto possible in 2016

For information on the program lead at any of these sites email Ken Brunskill, VFFF National Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. The council provides the “Learning Center” at Fly Fishing shows and venues throughout Northern California, where we teach:
a. Fly Tying to all ages and skill levels
b. Fly Casting to new casters, as well as advising and/or fixing casting problems
c. Entomology – identifying aquatic insects
d. Knot tying 
For over 25 years member club of Northern California Council Federation of Fly Fishers (NCCFFF) have been supporting teachers that hatch fish in their classrooms. In recognition of the long term commitment to advancing student knowledge of aquatic ecosystems, the Aquatic Resource Educators Association (AREA) conferred upon NCCFFF and its member clubs an award for outstanding achievement for their efforts in aquatic education.
AREA is a national organization of Professional Aquatic Educators working for fish and wildlife agency across the United States. Inn 2012, AREA selected one program for recognition and this one program is the California fish in the classroom programs supported by NCCFFF.
Ethan Rotman, Classroom Aquarium Education Program coordinator for California Department of Fish & Wildlife nominated NCCFFF and had the honor of presenting the award to the NCCFFF and its affiliate clubs.
“This program of hatching fish in classrooms is one of the best models for creating stewards of our watersheds” Rotman stated when he presented the award. “Through the process of learning what fish need to survive, nurturing the eggs and fish, and ultimately releasing the fry, the kids connect what they know in their head with what they feel in their heart.”
“This program exists today in large part due to of the hard work, time, money, and devotion of fly-fisherman.”
“We fully recognize it is the individual clubs and their members that have earned this award” chimed in NCCFFF President Ken Brunskill. “We applaud those individuals for their visionary work protecting our rivers.” The award was given to NCCFFF as it is an umbrella organization that includes most of the individual clubs that have been involved in the program. 
In 2013, over 750 classrooms in Northern California participated in this program. 
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