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President's Message - Get to Know the FFI

The International Federation of Fly Fishers has formally announced on April 3 that it has legally changed its name to Fly Fishers International. This change will affect all 17 U.S. councils and all international affiliate organizations. They also renamed the Academy to the Learning Center to better explain its functionality. Please visit their new web site to learn about all the details.

This change will also affect the U.S. councils and they will be required to legally change their name in the state of domicile. There are many new programs the FFI is implementing that will add benefits to the individual member with no additional costs to him/her. The documentation changes for both the FFI and individual councils will probably last for more than one year. Paper and electronic documentation will require a large effort and a sizeable expense.

After a fantastic rain and snow fall over this past winter, spring snow run off will probably still create some challenges to the fly fishing environment for the next few months. But this should probably create great conditions for fishing, both in northern and southern California over the next year or more. So, the late fishing this year is still a big positive to our sport and have patience.

We must be very diligent as the future could hold many changes to rules, regulations and laws affecting rivers, lakes and fish. Lend your letter support and participation to efforts that involve protection for these places and species at both a state and national level.

Dec. 18, 2016

As the end of the year draws closer, everyone is now focusing on the holidays and celebrations. This is the time to put our council philosophy of “family comes first” in place as well as throughout the year.

This fall has been good to us with all the extra rainfall; however, let us hope that the temperatures drop and the snow pack builds. We wish that these conditions continue and it invigorates stream environments, fish habitats and improved spawning for future population growth.

Last, but not least, we need to build a larger and stronger Board of Directors while refilling our depleted coffers. To this end, we should increase our communications and outreach to all existing and potential individual members and every club in Northern California and Nevada. If we help to increase club membership, we will be building a larger and more involved fishing community that will enhance the future of the sport.


Dave Pellone


Sept. 24, 2016

I am honored to have become the NCCIFFF president as of the June 2016 Board of Directors meeting and I am excited about the road ahead. Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the IFFF and this year many changes have begun within the federation.

Over the next few years, we will be undertaking a relentless drive to serve our community of clubs and members. I plan to try to meet with all of the clubs during the next 18 months. We will continue our present mission and strive to add more objectives in response to our community's desires.

I look forward to getting to know more of our members. Please do not hesitate to contact me or other NCCIFFF board members with comments or needs. Also, I hope that all clubs will consider appointing a club representative to the NCCIFFF and any interested member think about joining the board of directors.

Lastly, in addition to hosting the Festival of Fly Fishing at the Marin Rod & Gun Club on Oct. 8, the NCCIFFF will be present at the International Sportsmen's Exposition in Sacramento (Jan. 19-22, 2017) and at The Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton (Feb. 24-26, 2017).

Thank you for being a member of the IFFF and the NCCIFFF.


Dave Pellone

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