Help Needed

Picnic Day Volunteers Needed

Fly Tying at the Department of Entomology!

Picnic Day, April 12, is right around the corner, and I've found myself suddenly in need of more tiers after a few last minute cancellations, so I was hoping that one or more FFD members might be interested in spending the day tying at the UCD Department of Entomology (Briggs Hall) on campus from 10-4pm or any portion thereof.  Jack Norlyn and I and going to be there (and at the moment we are the only ones) for the duration, but need some help.  The drill is, as folks walk through the aquatic invertebrate display in Briggs, FFD tiers are there either demonstrating fly tying or teaching any interested individuals (usually children) how to tie flies, usually just Woolly Buggers so all skill levels are welcome.  
If you can help out during this time period please send a note to John Daniels at
Thanks, John Daniels, UC Davis


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